This image of a filmmaker at work was shot on the film '30 Second Love' by Dominik Meunch. Photo courtesy of QPIX.


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Want to be in pictures? Want to write for pictures? QPIX Ltd is Queensland's development centre for the screen and media industries, dedicated to the development of independent screen production and independent screen production professionals in the State, including screenwriters.

QPIX is the gateway for screen and TV students of all ages who want to learn, practice and advance their film, screen and television careers. To this end, an enthusiastic horde descended on the QPIX free Open Day at their Brisbane premises at 22 Warwick Street, Annerley (Brisbane) on Saturday,25 August 2012.

Visitors acquired all the right information about practical programs that would develop their skills to a level required by industry, with ‘hands-on’ screen and TV production built into QPIX courses guided by industry specialists.

At the Open Day there were professional guest speakers who were happy to answer questions about the industry, the jobs, the locations, the actors, and the equipment!

Enthusiasts visited QPIX’s production studio, editing suite and training facilities, and saw the production equipment currently used by industry to produce the shows and films you watch on TV and the big screen. There were also screenings of the work of previous students and the QPIX films that have won local and international awards. This could be you!

The Open Day was such a success that QPIX will probably do it all again next year. Check out their website below to find out what other events are coming up for the film and television industry.

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QPIX's goal is to assist in building an innovative, sustainable and globally competitive Australian screen industry. QPIX is a founding member of the national industry network Screen Development Australia (SDA). Contact QPIX: Street address: 22 Warwick Street, ANNERLEY QLD 4103 AUSTRALIA. Phone: 61 7 3848 8000. Email them at Visit their website for more on how to participate in the film and television industry at

Screen Queensland

Screen Queensland develops, supports and promotes a creative, innovative and commercially sustainable screen industry in Queensland aimed at making productions designed to entertain and connect with worldwide audiences. It works to attract productions to Queensland and globally Queensland is known for its stunning locations, talented crews and attractive financial incentives. The organisation provides initiatives for writers, producers and directors to create ideas that can be sold in the marketplace through Screen Support Programs designed to help get their ideas on screen. The highlight of Screen Queensland’s festivals and events calendar is the Brisbane International Film Festival: go to To visit Screen Queensland’s website go to

Screen Australia

Screen Australia is the Commonwealth Government screen agency providing support to Australian film, television, documentary and digital media makers. Its functions are to support and promote the development of a highly creative, innovative and commercially sustainable Australian screen production industry. From 1 July 2008 Screen Australia took over the functions of its predecessor agencies: the Australian Film Commission (AFC), the Film Finance Corporation Australia FFC) and Film Australia Limited. To find out more go to 

When filming, use props to tell the story. Thank you Anon.