L. J. May

Lois May began reading at the age of three and writing at the age of four. During her teens she exchanged the cultural but wet environs of Melbourne for the blue skies and palm trees of subtropical Brisbane – where she still resides.

As a freelance writer, she has written articles on a variety of subjects from aviation to the psychic life of pets for various newspapers and magazines including The Sunday Mail, Queensland Country Life, Blue's Country Magazine, Aussie Post, Pacific Flyer, Insight Magazine, Your Rights 2001, Pets n People and United Times.

Lois’s non-fiction, popular medicine book Transgenders and Intersexuals: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know but Couldn't Think of the Question, was published by East Street Publications (SA) in October 2005.

Works in progress include Spectre: The Bushido Inheritance, a supernatural thriller, and Terse Verse and Teatime Treats, a one-stop medieval guide to writing and cookery.

Lying in a drawer awaiting resurrection are Groundsleuthing Brisbane: The Hidden City Beneath Your Feet, which explores odd, unknown and interesting aspects of the City of Brisbane, and the comedy music drama The Beat Goes On, a telemovie featuring the Brisbane sex and entertainment industries.

Apart from reading and writing, Lois’s interests include ferreting out secrets, good conversation and laughter, film, television, theatre, art, music, science fiction and science fact, paranormal events, civil liberties and history. She is far too lazy to take part in any sport except swimming, and was recently voted a community disgrace for being unable to tell the difference between football codes.

Lois is a member of the Australian Society of Authors, the Australian Writers’ Guild, the Copyright Agency and the Brisbane Writers Festival.


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P.S. Because some of you asked about the availability of the book Transgenders and Intersexuals: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know but Couldn't Think of the Question:

If you want to buy this book but can’t find a copy in bookstores or online (not Amazon – they’re listing ridiculous prices for this book), contact the publishers (East Street): phone Michaela Andreyev on 0400 600 840 or email her at East Street still has a few copies in stock.