‘Wish We Could Swim’ from Feathers/Fins by Sandi Harrold. ‘I’m sure emus can do lots of things – but I wonder if they wish they could fly? I’m sure if they ever went to the Whitsunday’s and stuck their heads under water they’d wish they could also swim!’ (Acrylic on canvas/board) Artwork courtesy of Sandi Harrold.

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Sandi Harrold (continued)

‘There’s an artist within us all. I hear people say they’re not creative, yet they have an amazing garden, or sew gorgeous dresses et cetera. Have a go – or you’ll never know!’

After your trips to Kenya and Argentina, nature’s more exotic animals were added to your work, giraffes and elephants in particular. When did you visit these countries and why?

‘I have an old school friend who travels all the time. One day in 2008 she rang me and said, “We’re going to visit Kate (her daughter and my god-daughter) in Kenya.” During that trip we went to New York and Vermont as well as Kenya.

‘The next trip was in 2010 to Argentina. We hired a little 4-cylinder car and drove everywhere, even up to Iruya in Salta (almost 3000 metres above sea level) on skinny one-track roads crumbling into an abyss below. When we arrived there and got back down safely we literally kissed the ground. We read later: “Only tackle this trek in a 4X4!”

‘In 2012 we went to London, Paris and Switzerland to visit an old school friend. We travel light and eat when we’re hungry – no frills but heaps of fun!

Where and how do you sell your paintings?

‘I have been successful in selling my paintings at the Rotary Art Spectacular shows held in April each year and also at The Ekka, the Brookfield Show and Art with Benefits. I keep my prices realistic as my art appeals to young families, and adults with a whacky sense of humour! The more I sell – the more I paint! I donate to charities quite often too. I love to help people and it makes me feel good to share a part of me with others by offering a painting.

‘In 2013 I had some great successes, including selling all six of my works on opening night at the Rochester Annual 6x6 Exhibition in New York. I also very much enjoyed holding three successful art shows with Kylie Farrelly, another Brisbane artist. We set these shows up ourselves and we’ll do more together as Kylie and I are a great contrast; she paints Brisbane scenes and I do animals and so forth. Both of us use masses of colour!’

How can people find out what you can do for them and how much it would cost?

‘People can meet with me or email me. If I feel confident that I can do a good job, then I quote. If they agree to the price I’ll paint for them. I always say, “If you don’t like it I can always sell it to someone else.” I don’t want someone keeping a painting they don’t really love. I send a photo of the finished work via email and if they’re truly happy I deliver it – or they come and collect it.’

Is there an artist working today in Australia or overseas that you particularly admire?

‘Cai Guo-Qiang has to be a favourite. I loved the ‘Falling Back to Earth’ exhibition; totally incredible. I don’t really have any other favourites. I very much admire paintings that I can add a story to or feel some emotion towards.’

What advice would you give to someone wanting to live life as an artist?

‘If I could say one thing that might be helpful to people starting out it would be to trust in yourself. My daughters have told me not to have any more lessons as my quirky ‘style’ would be lost.

‘There’s an artist within us all. I hear people say they’re not creative, yet they have an amazing garden, or sew gorgeous dresses et cetera. Have a go – or you’ll never know!’

Website Watch

SANDI HARROLD is a Brisbane artist and children’s book author and illustrator.

Sandi’s web address is You can take a look at her children’s books here and check out her paintings here See more of Sandi’s artwork at Arts Connect at She is Linked In at and you can also find her on Facebook at

You can find SANDI HARROLD’S BOOKS in Brisbane City Council libraries and she also sells them at the Moggill markets at the Brookfield Showgrounds on the first Saturday of each month. Karana will be available online from Fishpond and Amazon from early May 2014. Under the Rosebush is available online from Green Olive Press. You can buy all of Sandi’s self-published books from her website at 

THE C&K TEACHER PROGRAM: The C&K Kindergarten program targets children who turn four-years-old by 30 June in the year they attend kindergarten. A C&K kindergarten program runs for 15 hours a week, over a 5 day fortnight or 2 long days. The C&K educator team is made up of dedicated professionals who ensure that when they leave a C&K service each child is prepared for school and later life. To find out more, contact the The Crèche and Kindergarten Association Limited website on or phone them toll-free on 1800 177 092.

AUSSIE ANGELS ASSISTANCE DOGS INC (AAAD): Sandi wrote Sarah and Andy as a donation to Aussie Angels Assistance Dogs Inc (AAAD), a registered charity run by a devoted group of volunteers who are committed to improving quality of life through specially trained Therapy Dogs. They assist diabetics, adults and children who endure loss of mobility due to accident or physical conditions, and children who fall within the autism spectrum. The AAAD team is made up of a diverse range of people, philanthropists and professional dog trainers who work for no financial reward. Sarah and Andy is a 22-page paperback with full illustrations and is available through Sandi’s website for $14.95 including P & H. For more, go to

UNEMPIRE – ZOË’S SOCKS: You can check out Sandi’s daughter Zoë’s extraordinarily cool and brightly coloured socks at According to Zoë: ‘Unempire makes socks rad sox...Unempire sox are real soft, real strong n’ real stretchy. This means they’re hella comfy, last longer than your average sox, and they fit errrbody big n’ small.’ Huh? These must be for the younger generation.

Does Unempire ship internationally, you want to know? ‘Yes, yes worldwide y’all! Zoë says. ‘If you get to checkout, and your country isn’t there, just hit me up at theunempire@gmail.comand I’ll help you out.’ Zoë’s socks sell for about A$18/pair – translation of the website text is extra. Zoë’s socks: not so much footwear as moving works of art.

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‘Sarah and Andy Story Book’ from Children’s Book Covers by Sandi Harrold. ‘I wrote and illustrated this book as a donation to Aussie Angels Assistance Dogs, a charity in Tasmania. The story helps a small child understand why the dog is their constant friend and companion.’ (Acrylic on canvas/board) Artwork courtesy of Sandi Harrold.