Visit Stanthorpe – it’s unusual, it’s different!

VISIT STANTHORPE: You didn’t know there was such a thing as a CHRISTMAS FARM – with real Christmas trees? The owners grow over 10,000 trees for retail and wholesale customers and many families have made the trip to Stanthorpe a Christmas tradition. Christmas may be over for another year but you can still drive up to Applethorpe (near the town of Stanthorpe) and check out the farm. Kids can embrace the fresh air, explore, and feed the animals – entry is FREE. In the Mistletoe Store you can treat yourself to handcrafted chocolate creations and delicious sweet treats made in-house from the finest Belgian chocolate and fresh local produce. Yum! While in the store, you can also pick up some delightful Christmas decorations for next year. Find the farm at 321 Aerodrome Road, Applethorpe, if you have any questions phone them on 0412 826 842, and visit their website at They’re open from Wednesday to Sunday from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. (closed during February and March) – and yes, that includes Queensland public and school holidays. (Photo and text by L.J. May)


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VISIT STANTHORPE: PUBLIC ART ON PUBLIC TOILETS – New Street Art (and why not?) The STANTHORPE REGIONAL ART GALLERY was approached by the Southern Downs Regional Council to deliver a project to enhance Stanthorpe and Wallangarra public toilets. Six local artists, who had mural work experience and success were selected to be lead artists and create public art on the local ‘dunnies’. There were six dunnies involved: BROCK PARK, STANTHORPE – Artists were Dean Ford, Peter Martin; STORM KING DAM, STANTHORPE – Trevor Horsnell, Rachel Whieldon, Amy Peters, Gina Roberts; LIONS PARK, SOUTHERN BYPASS TOILETS STANTHORPE – Laurie Astill, Ben Moxham, Dean Ford; LIONS PARK, WALLANGARRA – Tully De Vries, Luanna Legge, David Moore, Hayley Southern, Christopher Sanchez and Arora De Vries; WEEROONA PARK, STANTHORPE – Julie Brown, Susan Peters, Kath Ives, Sarina Moncada, Alyssa Stabile; and FARLEY STREET TOILETS, STANTHORPE – Laurie Astill, Ben Moxham. Told you Stanthorpe was different! MORE STANTHORPE STREET ART: There are quite a few fascinating works of art on Stanthorpe streets (and now also beyond the town into the Granite Belt). Go to the Art Gallery’s website to check out some of the colourful public art on display at, see a map, and go exploring. (Photo courtesy of the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery: modified by L.J. May)